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A Graceful Renovation

A gorgeous and graceful renovation that we are so excited to share with you.

Our client wanted to modernize their home while also injecting their own personal style throughout. They felt the interior was dull and that it failed to spark joy.

We decided to introduce a thoughtful and fresh colour palette in each space in the house and layer on this multiple layers of tactile, materials.

The refurbishment focused on the following:

– New paint scheme throughout 

– Bespoke furniture and wall beading 

– Childrens Den: Bespoke storage units with built-in desk 

– Main Bedroom: Bespoke wardrobes with built-in vanity 

– Study: Bespoke storage units with built-in desk. 

– Guest Bedroom: Bespoke wardrobes 

– New carpets 

– New furniture + lighting 

Starting the Process 

We started this design by establishing strong mood boards with our client. This is a great way of getting to know your client’s personal interior taste/style. After this, we then pressed forward with our drawings package, this typically consists of layout plans, CAD drawings for any bespoke furniture, materials schedules and so on.


Overall, we introduced mutliple layers of texture such as natural woods, rich velvets, beautiful boucle fabrics, wool and jute rugs. We essentially installed a light and refreshing colour palette. For certain smaller nooks such as the study, this was a prime opportunity to carry out a slightly bolder scheme with the use of strong colourways and wallpaper. All paint/materials work cohesively together to create a cosy, bright-filled home while nodding to our clients personality. 

Main Bedroom

Our client wanted to inject more of a luxurious feel throughout this space. Definition and texture was achieved by selecting a array of materias i.e. velvet, wood, black finishes in contrasting colours that still complimented wach other.

New wardrobes were installed and a new vanity was built in beside the window – this allowed the natural light to sufficiently reach this worktop and ensure our client experienced a light-filled desk to pamper themselves on! Delicate bespoke wall beading was also installed – a transformative feature for any room. Elegant in form, it adds elegant definition to any room. 

A luxurious green bespoke headboard acts as a contrast against the lighter wall and finishes off the space beautifully.

The Bedroom Before

The Bedroom After

Entrance Hallway 

Our client wanted to make a statement with their entrance hallway while also maintaining a bright aesthetic. 

We achieved this with a two tone paint scheme and highlights of brass throughout.


Given the small nature of this space, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to create a unique and fun scheme which sparked intrigue. As someone who works both from her workplace and from home, our client would be using this space a considerable amount and hence it was essential she had the ‘feel good’ factor when entering this room, while also using the space wisely.

The Study Before + Midway

A built-in desk was installed beside the window and new custom made units that reflect both concealed and open shelving units facilitated additional storage for our client. The backing of the opening shelving was lined with the feature wallpaper. Brass fixtures and playful prints all come together to create a tailor made, bold space that works in exactly the way our client needs this space to work.

The Study After

Front Living Room 

Given the gorgeous original features of the house, we wanted worked with a colour palette that was sympathetic towards the space. New furniture, lighting and general decor was updated throughout the space and the green velvet sofa mirrors the feature green wall on the opposing side of the room.

This was such a fantastic project to work on – a huge thank you to our client Lesley for allowing us into her home and major kudos to our interior designer Emma, what a beautiful home!

If you would like to explore what our interior design service could mean for you and your home/ business, just give us a bell or send us a quick email about your space – design (at) aprilandthebear.com

A+TB x

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