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Using Mirrors in your Home

Mirrors add so much to an interior. They add light, they add depth – they make a room feel much larger than it might be.

Which is why, when clients of ours tell us about a room in their home that they feel needs ‘something’ to finish it off, we always start with a mirror. A mirror anchors a space, especially living rooms and our Circum mirrors are the perfect fit – for practically any space.

The minimal design is stunning, it puts all the focus on the actual shape of the circular mirror and the glass. They come in three sizes (70/ 90/ 100cm) but the one that I tend to suggest, if your space will allow, is the 110cm. The largest size. The impact of a large mirror in a room is breath-taking, I have one hanging over the fireplace in my living room and it makes the room feel HUGE and trust me, it is not!

So if you feel like your space is missing something – consider adding a mirror. We’ve just had our last re-stock of Circum mirrors for the year, so pop into us if you feel like having a look or if you have any questions about them.

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