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Getting to Know You – Rachel Joy Price

We were so excited to collaborate with Rachel Joy Price earlier this year on our exclusive Grá Art Print. Rachel is a Lettering Artist based between London + Paris. Descended from a great grandfather who was part of the team of sign painters who worked on the titanic, Rachel’s work is versatile, spanning a variety of media from traditional sign painting for commissions as art pieces, to crafting scripts & 3D lettering for brands worldwide, working on advertising, packaging, book covers and prints.

Can you tell us about your amazing work and when this journey began for you?

I used to work as a graphic designer in London, spending 7 years in two very fun studios. One weekend I took a sign painting course in South London with Nick Garrett, and it sort of spiralled from there, with spending more and more spare time working on lettering projects which led to me getting a few jobs through contacts in the London design industry. Then about a year later I decided to leave my job and see whether I could work full time as a lettering artist. And I guess I have never really looked back, I have been very lucky through all the contacts I had made + a lot of support for my work through instagram. I have now worked for nearly 3 years working full time as a lettering artist, working purely crafting letters for brands, packaging, editorial, advertising, personal commissions, murals…

Where do you get your inspiration from?

 I have always loved colour and I am constantly taking pictures of colour combinations in nature, or just from walking down a street. I live between London + Paris where my other half lives and I find Parisian streets an endless source of inspiration. And for type I guess a similar place – keeping eyes open for interesting shapes that could form a letter – old books, old movie posters. 

You have worked on a wide and diverse range of projects – which one really stands out for you that you are most proud of?

 Perhaps the murals for Adidas, they are the first thing that come to mind. It was such a fun brief and something that felt out of my comfort zone, which I guess always leads to the best moments. 

This has been a life changing year for many – how has it affected your work and what inspires you?

Since I left my full time job to work for myself I always intended to get a studio space, but hadn’t quite got round to it  – so my day to day didn’t change much because of the pandemic, I continue to work from home. There have been some quiet patches , but I have felt incredibly lucky to have had enough work throughout. I am very grateful to all who have supported my work, buying prints / commissioning signs / design agencies that have continued to get me involved in jobs where they need the type crafted.

What has been your career highlight so far?

A recent one working with Ben Eine on a piece as part of the London Mural Festival. ‘Stronger Together’ on the side of a building in Leytonstone. 

Can you talk us through your design process? 

Paper + pencil (or Ipad + pencil) always the starting point.It depends on the brief / output as to what happens after that…!

Have you any advice for budding artists who would like to get their work seen?

Start by focusing on making great work – and do it for the goal of making great work, don’t let your goal be to be seen / success on something like instagram numbers. I found those things came when I focused on what I loved doing, and being authentic in making things that I was proud of. Don’t look online and re-create what others are doing, find your perspective & your niche and focus on that. Using hashtags and getting involved in online movements is all useful of course, but I think if you are not doing the right work for yourself authentically first then it won’t fly.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Too hard to choose one…

What does the future hold for you and your work?

About to move which should give me some more outside space to be able to do more + bigger. I want to experiment more with spray cans + make some big 3D letters…Animation is also something I want to be able to spend more time focusing on.

Quickfire round!

Favourite place in London – Ah so tough to choose! Maybe Borough Market pubs + restaurants.

Favourite place in Paris – Faubourg Saint-Denis, an area with lots of my favourite spots, bars, food spots etc.

Favourite book – Shantaram

Favourite film – Thelma and Louise

Favourite place to visit – Kenya

Favourite artist – Again too hard to pick just one forever, a recent discovery who I was mesmerized by on so many levels was Michael Armitage

I am most happy when…. Cooking with my man!

Thank you Rachel! You can see more of Rachel’s work here and to shop our Grá print click here!

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