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A Creative Christmas – with Sinead (Moons Yoga).

Welcome to ‘ A Creative Christmas’ – a blog series where we speak to independent, inspirational business women from the Irish creative scene about how they celebrate Christmas + any festive secrets and traditions they might have and don’t mind sharing!

First up we have Sinead Dunne. Sinead is a yoga and meditation teacher – she is the wonderful woman behind Moons Yoga, the most beautiful yoga studio in Dublin. Sinead’s house is exactly like her – bright, beautiful and oh-so-welcoming. You cannot help but smile around this yogi queen and the same has to be said for her stunning Blackrock home. Sinead and I are close pals and I know how much she adores Christmas, so it made sense to kick off the series with her and her extreme love for anything festive!

Shot by Rincy Koshy

Tell me what Christmas means to you in 5 words. 

Celebration, Cosy, Nourishment, Movies, Love & Sparkle

Do you have any Christmas traditions? 

Yes, watching Elf every single Christmas eve and singing loud for all to hear!

Your most treasured/ favourite Christmas decoration is + why? 

I have a huge Santa head that terrifies my husband, it’s a candle and having it lit beside my bed at Christmas whilst being read a story is one of my earliest memories. To be fair, it is quite an eerie looking Santa head but I still love it!

Tell us about your festive meal…what’s on the menu?

The works! We get nearly everything done the morning before and head out for a Christmas eve lunch & wander about town – ham baked, veg prepped, stuffing made, all the traditional offerings. I love to take the stress out of the Christmas Day cooking and be left in a position to enjoy the entire day from the Christmas Swim to passing out on the couch in front of my 4th movie of the day! 

What’s your go-to gift for friends this Christmas?

My love hahah! As I’ll have a newborn in my arms it will most likely be some beautiful lil tokens from an easily accessible online store, IF I get my act together at all that is! Perhaps it’s wishful thinking to envisage getting anything done when this lil one arrives, but I’m sure a certain April & The Bear online store will always be able to come to my rescue! 

What are you looking forward to specifically this Christmas?

Baby’s first Christmas! I think I might actually burst with excitement if I think about pottering around the house in my Christmas jammies with a tiny human on my chest (who will also be exclusively wearing miniature Christmas attire for the few weeks, obviously). Being in my own home, hosting my family, friends and hopefully having everyone together happy and healthy! A celebration of life.

Bear Note:

We are delighted to share that Sinead gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this month and is LOVING life with her little girl and hubbie Michael.

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