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Our Process: Interior Consulting

As you may or may not know, we offer an interior consulting service – it’s a little different to ‘usual’ interior design, so I decided to write a post about the process and you guessed it, here it is…

Last year I was contacted by Carole, who wanted help with the interior of her home. She and her husband had bought a beautiful  terraced house in Dublin and after living in it for a few years wanted to re-vamp the space, Carole had very specific (and great) ideas on how she wanted the house to look so we meet for a coffee and a chat about how I could help her realise this. 

Carole had spent a few years living in Brooklyn and loved it there, she adored the industrial, loft-like living spaces that were so prevalent in NY and wanted to incorporate elements of that aesthetic into her home whilst also creating a functional and stylish abode for her whole family. After our initial meeting, I created an overall mood board for Carole with how I saw the design of the interior developing – once we agreed on this look, I got to work sourcing product and pulling image boards for each space in the house together. Just to explain, my interior consulting service involves the building of a moodboard for each space in a house, each board begins with a look (eg. Contemporary Scandi), which I interpret with inspirational imagery and from that I build how the room will look with colour, fabrics and furnishings. All this juicy information (including pricelists and exactly where to source everything) is then passed to the client, to buy when and how it suits them. 




The overall aesthetic we decided on for Carole’s house was ‘Modern Industrial/ Vintage’, having said that certain rooms had their own distinct look – the sitting room had a decidedly luxe feel whereas the children’s bedroom revolved around the idea of bright fun and playfulness. We reused much of Carole’s existing furniture, updating it with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in hues which complimented our chose colour palette. 

And here’s the finished house, beautifully styled by Carole’s exacting eye. 

 The kitchen

 The bedroom

A huge thank you to Carole for letting us shoot her beautiful house and if you’d like to hear more about our affordable interior consulting or have any questions about it, contact us on hello@aprilandthebear.com

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