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Happy New Kitchen Colour!

Like so many others, I like to start the New Year with action and ‘doing things’ and lots of positive plans and ways in which I’m going to improve my …well, everything. So this New Year, the Bear and I took it upon ourselves to re-paint the kitchen, and we decided that pink was the hue. Surprise surprise.

Well actually what is perhaps surprising is that the re-paint was the Bear’s idea as was the colour selected. And yes we went for Sulking Room Pink (by F+B).

I know, I know. It’s already on the walls in the store but lads, it’s such a nice shade. There’s something really comforting about it and it looks so lovely throughout the day, and of all the colour swatches we looked at – we always came back to ould SR. PLUS – the kitchen is primarily where I do the MAJORITY of my sulking, so you see – it all makes sense really.

When we first renovated the kitchen all those years ago, we decided to paint the walls white. The kitchen is a long narrow room and actually doesn’t get a lot of natural light – so we went for white cabinetry and white walls and it was the right choice. However now, seven years later, it was all looking a little tired and a little ‘safe’. 

So we painted the walls and it instantly reinvigorated the space. Okay not instantly, because that first coat was very streaky (see below) and quite puke-esque truth be told but once that second coat went on, we were only delighted. We decided to paint the ceilings in Sulking Room Pink too, for a proper cocooning effect and it’s really made the room much cosier and more dramatic. Oh and the Bear painted one of the windows in it too which I was unsure about. It looks terrific now to be fair but I worry about a few months time, when the paint on window handles might start to fleck. But sure, we’ll see!

What do you think? I know pink isn’t for everyone but it’s soooo nice to have a change. That is the wonderful thing about paint, it’s so transformative and if you hate it or bore of the colour quickly. Just buy a new can of paint and change it. Easy. 

The darker hue on the walls, highlights the subway tiles and black grout – it’s almost like they’re brand new! 

A little update on this – we hung a black shelf over the knife rack as we were finding that our counters were so cluttered. This is called the Wired shelf and it’s super simple, it really works with our new colour palette and actually holds loads! You can buy it in store here.

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