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Getting to Know You – Peigín Crowley of GROUND

We are so excited to introduce this wonderful, sustainable Irish brand GROUND.

GROUND is a self care brand devoted to sustainability and founded by Peigin Crowley – an award winning spa consultant. Peigin has spent over 20 years crafting distinctive and transformative wellness products and treatments for 5 -star luxury properties. In 2020, her attention shifted to home. Experiencing the devastating impacts of stress, burnout, loss of identity and disconnection from the natural world, she embarked on a quest to create unique products and at-home rituals that could be easily incorporated into a daily self-care routine. We caught up with Peigin to chat about her beautiful brand GROUND, her career, her biggest inspiration and what the future holds for her and GROUND.

Can you tell us about your beautiful brand and when this journey began for you?

I am a holistic therapist for 25 years and have always believed in the magic of aromatherapy
and the power of touch through massage and acupressure. As my career evolved, I was
designing Spas & Concept Treatments for wonderful clients such as Adare Manor, The Cliff
House, The Merrion and Mount Juliet. In Lockdown my work dried up and all went quiet. It was
then I got brave and with the support of my husband decided to develop my own wellbeing
brand. It was a beautiful freedom to develop products and design packaging to the beat of my
own drum. To build a sustainable offering that serves and includes children, those with
compromised health (cancer) and address menopause. It is an absolute privilege to partner
with some of Irelands most stunning retailers including April and the Bear who align so
perfectly with our ethos and mission.

What has been your career highlight so far?

For sure launching my own brand GROUND has been a phenomenal experience, we are 18
months in and it has been a whirlwind. Launching in The Rosewood in Hong Kong was a
surreal moment, as was our recent event at The Waldof Astoria in Edinburgh, serious pinch me
moments that I am beyond grateful for!

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

‘What is for you will not pass you’ & The harder you work, the luckier you get!’

Can you talk us through your production process?

We start by sourcing the most therapeutic essential oils, for our Sleep range we source our
Lavender from high altitude mountains in Provence, as it is known to have the most sedative
properties. We then blend into our base carrier oils including Jojoba, Calendula & Camellia to
nourish and soothe the skin. All of this is done in our work shop in Cork where we hand pour
into our spa bottles and retail bottles. They are then hand labelled and boxed and shipped to
the finest spas in Ireland and onto our exclusive retail partners.

What is your biggest inspiration?

I am deeply inspired by plants and the natural apothecary that surrounds us in nature.
Essential oils are precise wellbeing messages for our body that our biology instantly
recognises and assimilates. By engaging the power of scent & memory, we can learn rituals
that slow us down and take us into a relaxed state of ‘rest and digest’ our body’s own healing

What is your favourite product in the GROUND collection?

I adore the Balancing CBD Balm, it’s like wearing an invisible cloak. I am in menopause and it
instantly makes me feel safe and sleepy all at once. It can take a week or two to settle in the
system, so consistent use is key. I always notice the difference in my sleep if I am away and
forget to bring it. It has Ashwagandha and St John’s Wort in it which combine to feel like a
subtle hug when I am anxious.

Quickfire Q’s: 

  • Favourite Book? Manifest by Roxi Nafousi
  • Favourite Place? Rosscarbery, West Cork
  • Ultimate comfort food? Deep Fried Brie
  • What are you watching? ‘You Don’t Know Me’ on Netflix
  • Guilty Pleasure? Boozy lunches with my girlfriends!

A huge thank you to Peigin for this – she’s one of the most inspirational women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and nicest. Absolutely blown away by her and her incredible products. For more on this beautiful brand, pop into store or pop by the link below.

S x


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