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Getting to Know You – Margaret Urbanowicz from Sómas Candles

I have been following Margaret for years on Instagram – I love her style and her aesthetic – her instagram page is the visual dream! When I saw she had started her own beautiful candle brand I knew it would be the perfect fit to have in April & the Bear. I caught up with Margaret to hear the story of how Sómas began, the inspiration behind each scent, what the future holds and lots more!

Can you tell us about your beautiful candle range Sómas and how it all began?

It all began six years ago when I moved into my very first apartment. It was quite a challenging time in my life so I was really trying to make this new space fell like home. Maybe it’s because smell is one of our strongest senses and can instantly trigger memories, or maybe it’s the comfort of watching a dancing flame, but I fell totally and utterly in love with candles. That year for Christmas my friend got me a candle making kit , and it was such a groundbreaking concept for me! I never even thought I could make a candle at home!   That very same day I went on eBay, ordered lots of essential oils and one week later I was blending my first candle.The process was bringing me so much joy I started making them for my family and friends and the love just grew from there. Starting a business was a really organic process as in Sómas I got to combine all my passions – for scent, the incredible Irish landscapes, and mindfulness. I really wanted the brand to reflect my personal ethos, I also had a clear vision of the what I want the product to feel like so I took a long ( really really long!) time working on Sómas. It’s still a learning curve but I’m loving every minute! 

What has been your career highlight so far?

Winning the LEO Cork IBYE Start Up Runner Up! I was not even 2 months in business at that stage so getting that recognition was the best feeling. The LEO workshops also really helped me to define the concept and make it what I’ve always wanted  to be which I am so grateful for. 

What is the best piece of advice you have been given since setting up Sómas?

‘Always think bigger’  I was recently put in touch with an incredible business mentor who was just such a boost of motivation. His mantra of always thinking bigger has completely changed my approach and gave me so much confidence. If I was to give one business tip it would be to surround yourself with great people and allow them help you expand and think bigger!  

Can you talk us through the design process for the candles? What was your inspiration behind the minimal packaging and design?

I love simplicity in all aspects of life. I think smart simple design creates room for a rich vibrant life. This was also the thinking process behind Sómas, each box and jar is designed to compliment any space, with the scent being that magical element that transforms it to whatever you dream it to be.

What is your inspiration behind the scents you choose. Can you talk us through this process?

Ireland!  I feel so blessed to live in such a magical corner of the world surrounded by the kindest people.I draw my inspiration from everything which can be really annoying at times, as everything sparks an idea, but every scent is a story, a memory of a person, a place or adventure! 

What does the future hold for Sómas candles? Will you be launching anymore scents or products?

 Definitely. I love creating more than anything, I’m always working on new scents or testing new concepts. I have a lot planned for 2020 so keep your eyes peeled! 

Quickfire Round!! 

Favourite place in Ireland to visit – Rossbeigh in Co. Kerry

 Favourite Sómas scent – I honestly can’t pick one! It changes everyday, but today I’m loving Black Fig

Current Netflix obsession  Friends ( Would you believe I have never seen it before?! I just can’t get enough of it now )

Favourite book you have read recently – Quiet by Susan Cain

Guilty Pleasure Anything bread

Pop into our store in Rathmines or go online at www.aprilandthebear.com to see the full range of Sómas candles we have in stock!

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