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a moment of calm

The Bear was determined to get out into nature today, so we packed a few snacks – buckled in the bear cub and pooch and headed off. We headed towards the Blessington lakes which is actually quite close (35 minutes in the car from Portobello) and by Joseph it was nice. We left early (the joyous advantage of having a toddler that has taken to waking at 4.30am each morning of the self isolation world tour) and this meant that the lakes were nice and quiet. We certainly meet people on the walk but everyone stepped to the side when approaching other people and gave each other meek, self isolation smiles.

It wasn’t the best day, the light was low and the clouds were full BUT it didn’t rain and to be in nature, listening to the lapping lake was super nice and settled our full and messy heads.

Now for a cheeky day beer (it is St Patrick’s Day after all) and a smidgen of work.

Take care.

S x

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